"I...I can't lose you too."
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It’s interesting to notice how it looks like Rumple is blackmailing Killian into doing EXACTLY what Rumple is doing to Belle.
It’s as if he was trying to reassure himself by seeing that he’s not the only one and that villains are always villains.
But the thing is, Killian has changed a great deal more than Rumple, and where Rumple keeps lying to Belle, Killian won’t make that mistake and will tell Emma.

"She seems happy."




But do u think its a coincidence that Henry and Hook are both now working for Gold... it happened in this episode? ... also if Emma knows about this, would she not make sure Henry is kept away from working there? Both Emma's guys working for Gold

Honestly they felt like relatively different storylines to me.. Henry has an agenda, and it’s Regina. I could be wrong but i don’t think the storylines are going to get intertwined that much.

As for Emma keeping Henry away, we don’t know anything about the future episodes. Everything at this point is just speculation and could turn out the opposite way. I think Killian is going to tell Emma, and that it makes 100000000% sense writing wise… but the writers may not agree.

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SHOOT: ONCE UPON A TIME Goes Back in Time in Gastown Tonight

Recognize the phone booth from the Motive shoot last week? It’s the same one and suggests tonight’s Once Upon a Time shoot goes back in time. Is Salmgundi in Gastown a 1990s flashback like earlier scenes at the Playland amusement park and a bus stop in east Vancouver. But whose flashback? My guess is a teen Emma Swan. There is so much of her pre-Storybrooke tale to tell.

The pirate & the princess  {48/}


Can we talk about how Emma’s body language in this scene is SCREAMING:

"lol honey you’re so cute apologizing and stuff but I really wish you would stop talking, push me up against this wall and make out with me."

Because if you can’t see how bad she wants him right here… you’re wrong.

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