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Quiet Moments and Conversations


AN: Short-ish fic because I felt like it before bed. Based on the promo and the lovely scenes from the premiere. Pretty much pure fluff.


Emma’s skin was nearly as blue as Elsa’s dress, if it were a few shades darker, and she could hardly move let alone speak she was so cold. Her body was shaking badly from the low temperature by the time Elsa got control of her powers. Control enough to free them both from their icy prison, at least.

As soon as the wall of ice crumbled and they were free, Elsa rushed to Emma’s side and tried to help her up.

"Come on, we need to get you out of here and warmed up quickly. Emma. Emma!"

Elsa was tugging at Emma, but she could hardly feel the pressure. All she could think of was the cold. The numbness in her entire body, and the pain of shaking and trembling. Her breath puffed out in white clouds and her eyelashes seemed to be freezing over.

Elsa looked desperate but closed her eyes and appeared to be mentally counting before opening them and staring down at Emma in determination.

"I am not going to watch you freeze to death, Emma. We’re getting you out of here if I have to drag you out."

If she could have, Emma would have smiled, but all she could muster was another staggered breath and a hoarse moan when she tried to move that caused her body to tremble harder, her teeth chattering.


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How to recover from a snow monster’s attack and still look good in case your boyfriend is looking : A book by Emma Swan


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No but what if the ice magic lingers over Emma - not frozen heart style, or she’s going to die any minute style - but in a my-hands-are-always-cold-and-I-always-seem-to-have-a-chill-and-so-what-if-I-sleep-with-four-blankets kind of way.

What if she takes to wearing gloves around inside and her adorable hats when she’s sitting at the counter in Granny’s, her hands constantly wrapped around a mug of hot chocolate. And Elsa is apologetic and tries to help but there’s nothing that can be done, not really, because Emma’s light magic has sort of absorbed it? And the cold just lingers. 

But not when Killian is around. When Killian is around her shoulders relax and she feels the warmth tingle back in her fingers and every time he laughs, it shoots warm sparks up and down her arms. And she tries to fight it, tries to blame it on her light magic pushing back against the cold and it isn’t until he presses his lips to hers that the heat flares and spreads, making her gasp into his lips because it is her magic but he makes it stronger - he makes her stronger. 

And he takes to constantly being by her side (even more so that usual) because he can tell it’s easier for her when he’s about, that she sleeps better if he’s propped up next to her - fingers running up and down her bare arm in the dim light of the moon. 

(And he can feel her magic too, can feel the tiny pinpricks of warmth that happen when they touch. It makes something in his chest shift and settle because she is powerful thing, his Swan, and watching the light dance along her skin with his touch makes him feel a bit stronger, too.) 

And when they finally collapse into one another its like an inferno - the heat spreading out until there’s a line of sweat down his neck and her hair is sticking in clumps to her collarbone but it doesn’t stop him from nudging it away, closing his teeth over her skin as his hips move at a relentless rhythm - driving her further into euphoria as he worries a purple mark into her skin. 

And when she finally tells him she loves him, it’s like the cold just disappears - gone but with a gentle warmth taking it’s place. And he smiles and bumps his nose with hers and laughs at the way he can feel the sparks along his skin - whispers I love you, too and delights in the way her cheeks flush pink - matching the setting sun over the water. 


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